The information presented on this website and our social media channels (ie. YouTube and Instagram) is for illustrative purposes and is not a substitute to training with a competent instructor.  The presenters are not liable for any injuries that result from the correct or incorrect execution and/or application of any technique, whether to the viewer or to other individuals. Consult a licensed physician before engaging in any physical activity.  Viewers are responsible for their own actions.


The Dragon Style Kung Fu and Tai Chi Club (Club) does not have an open admissions policy, with prospective members considered based on an individual's fit with the club.  The Sifu and instructor determine admissions for each prospective member. 


Behaviors that include, but not limited to, criminal or unethical conduct, bullying, intimidation, harassment, disruptive behaviors, failure to pay tuition, solicitation for personal business (financial or non-financial), failure to follow public health protocols, etc. are automatic disqualifications from admissions or expulsion from the club after being admitted.  Former members who were discharged for cause are not eligible for readmissions.

Public health protocols are in effect, including proof of Covid vaccination and wearing of masks. Students who do not comply with Covid vaccination and the wearing of masks will be discharged from the club.



Visitors may observe a class by appointment only.  Covid public health protocols are in effect, including showing proof of Covid vaccinations and wearing of masks while in the building.  During a visit, he/she may not participate in any of the training activities.  Visitors are not allowed to demonstrate or perform any of their martial arts, touch or handle any of the Club's equipment, weapons and other property.  No photo, video and/or audio recording are permitted.  Visitors are encouraged to ask questions to learn more about our training and Club.  No loitering is permitted. 


We reserve the right to conclude an individual's visit when his/her appointment is completed, he/she becomes disruptive or is unable to adhere to our visitor policy.


Intellectual Content

In accordance with the U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), all content on this website and our social media channels (ie. YouTube and Instagram), including pictures, videos (excluding music), are the intellectual property of Yip's Dragon Style Kung Fu and its owners.  Reproducing and altering are prohibited.



All performance fees are due in full at the beginning of a performance.  Due to the ongoing pandemic, cancellations for a performance may occur and we have temporarily suspended administrative fees, as discussed at the time of client negotiations.