Sifu Yip Wing Hong葉永康


Prior to his emigration to New York City, Sifu Yip commenced his Dragon Style kung fu training in Hong Kong with Grandmaster Cho Sum曹森.  Cho Sum is a Dragon Style disciple under Great Grandmaster Lam Yiu Gwai林耀桂 and a practitioner of Pak Mei白眉 kung fu.  Sifu Yip became a third generation inheritor of the Dragon Style kung fu system that he spread to the United States  In addition to martial arts, Sifu Yip is a scholar in Chinese history and literature.  He contributes to a daily New York City newspaper as a columnist.  


Some Highlights:

  • In 2018, the New York City Council awarded a proclamation to Mr. Yip for his distinguished service and contributions to martial arts and journalism in the city of New York

  • Secretary for the North American Kung Fu Federation

  • Veteran journalist, photographer and editor

  • Action Director for the Hong Kong movie, The Illegal Immigrant非法移民 

  • Post secondary education at Chu Hai College of Higher Education珠海學院 in Hong Kong

Instructor Jeffrey Yip  

A lifelong learner, Jeffrey studied Dragon Style kung fu with Sifu Yip Wing Hong and Grandmasters Ho Lai何禮 and Lau Hong劉康.  Grandmasters Ho and Lau are disciples of Great Grandmaster Lam Yiu Gwai林耀桂.  Additionally, his martial arts background includes Wu Style tai chi, Pak Mei白眉 kung fu and the traditional lion dance.  In addition to his professional career, he has devoted over thirty years to training and teaching these unique martial arts.  Jeffrey's interests include leadership and pedagogy and its practical applications to improve the training experience of our Club members.  


In 2021, Jeffrey completed a year long executive management program at UCLA Anderson.  His focus is on applying best practices in leadership (empathy and self-reflection) and organizational ethics (ethical conduct through leadership behaviors, including humility and transparency).  Additionally, Jeffrey places an importance with giving students immediate and specific feedback to improve their level of kung fu. He has applied the same principles from how he was trained to instructing their students.  Jeffrey continues his lifelong development and learning as both a kung fu practitioner and instructor.  His motto is, "Empty your cup before entering our door."

Some Highlights:

  • Instructor (2018-Present), Assistant Instructor (1997-2018) 

  • Guest panel speaker on leadership and organizational ethics at New York University

  • B.S., cum laude, Binghamton University, M.P.A., New York University, Executive Education, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) Anderson School of Management