Dragon Style龍形拳 (Cantonese pinyin: Lung Ying) kung fu is a fierce and protective system that utilizes hand techniques and primarily low kicks on opponent(s).  Lam Yiu Gwai was the layman to learn this esoteric art from Monk Tai Yuk Sim See大玉禪師 during the late 1800s.  Great Grandmaster Lam taught the system to many of his disciples throughout China and British Hong Kong. 


Lam Yiu Gwai served as a combat instructor for the military forces during the 1930s, along with Great Grandmaster Cheung Lai Chuen張禮泉 of Pak Mei kung fu, at the prestigious Whampoa Military Academy黃埔軍校.  Both Dragon Style and Pak Mei kung fu are brother kung fu systems.