Our Story

On March 10, 1974, Sifus Yip Wing Hong葉永康 of Dragon Style kung fu and Lee Sun Kit李新傑 of Pak Mei白眉 kung fu founded the Wah Tung Geen Sun Hok Yuen華東健身學院 (Eastern Chinese Fitness School) in New York City's Manhattan Chinatown.  Sifu Yip is the first instructor to teach traditional Dragon Style龍形 kung fu publicly in the United States.  


Since the opening of our Club, Sifu Yip has hosted training sessions with Dragon Style kung fu practitioners from Australia and Japan.  He maintains close collaborations with Dragon Style practitioners in Hong Kong and China.


Mr. Yip produced two Dragon Style kung fu educational videos in collaboration with ESPY-TV Martial Art Videos.  His Club has appeared in Netflix's Iron Fist in 2016 and in Celebrate with Me: A Chinese New Year.  In 2018, the New York City Council awarded a municipal proclamation to Mr. Yip for his contributions to journalism and Chinese martial arts.