The Dragon Style Kung Fu and Tai Chi Club has been performing the traditional southern Chinese lion dance since 1974.  Sifu Yip studied the lion dance under Sifu Leung Kam Kwong梁鑑光 of Hung Gar Kung Fu who was known as the King of Lion Dancing in Hong Kong. 


The lion dance is a rich traditional part of the Chinese heritage.  The lion dance has strong ties with the traditions of the kung fu school.  Lion dancers require skills of a kung fu practitioner.  Lion dancers develop upper body strength, motor coordination and stamina to maneuver a lion.  Additionally, our members perform the traditional Chinese instruments of the drum, gong and cymbals.  We give an electrifying and captivating performance.


The Club has performed for the annual Lunar New Year parade, new businesses, weddings, Friends Seminary, Tourneau, Wesleyan University, Columbia University, HSBC at the New York Stock Exchange and the centennial celebration of Coca Cola in Atlanta, Georgia.  We perform year round at numerous festivities.

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